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Recycling Bottles

Pricing & Payment

What is the cost of weekly waste removal?

The total cost of hauling away your waste comes out to $13.84 plus GST per week.  

If you choose our bi-weekly option the price comes out to $18.46 plus GST per pickup(see billing cycle options below).

If I don't have any garbage to put out will I still get charged?

Yes, you will still be charged the same amount.  However if you plan to be away for awhile you can always ask for you account to be on hold and resume at a later date.

How can I pay?

We accept payment through etransfer or cheque.


Mail:  5 Don Valley Pkwy., Sunnyside, MB. R5R 0E1

How do I get billed?

You will be invoiced through email and will receive an invoice at the beginning of you billing cycle(see billing cycle options below).

Billing cycle options

You can pay be billed three different ways.

     Bi-weekly - $39.99 plus GST (per month)

     Monthly - $59.99 plus GST

     Twice a year - $359.94 plus GST

     Once a year - $719.88 plus GST

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